Add a field

You can add a field for the user to mark their acceptance before they submit the form. Registration screen with checkbox field

Adding a field to mark acceptance is a UX decision. It does not alter the way acceptance information is written to the user’s record.

To add a field for this, you must follow a two-step process:

1. Add the legalAcceptance field to the form

A toggle field has been pre-configured for this purpose. To add it to the form(s):

  1. Navigate to the Identity Cloud Console
  2. Click on your application in the left column navigation
  3. Click to open REGISTRATION BUILDER Registration Builder in Console
  4. Click the Actions menu ( ) next to the flow you want to update and select Edit Edit Flow in Console
  5. On the Edit page, go to the FORMS tab
  6. Find the form called traditionalRegistrationForm. By default, forms are listed in alphabetical order by Form Name. You can use the pagination controls in the bottom-right corner of the table, or sort by column if needed.
  7. Click the Edit Form icon ( ) for this form Edit traditionalRegistrationForm in Console
  8. In the Fields section of the Edit Form page, click the ADD FIELD button Add field to form in Console
  9. In the pop-up, select the legalAcceptance field from the list, and click the ADD FIELD button Select field to add to form in Console
    Help! I don't have a legalAcceptance field

    Once you add the field to the form, you can click and drag it place it in a different order in the form. Re-order fields in form

  10. Remember to click the SAVE button to complete adding the field to the form.

The above steps describe adding a field to the traditionalRegistrationForm. If you’d like the same experience on the social registration and/or re-accept screens, you must follow the same steps for these forms:

  • socialRegistrationForm
  • authRuleLegalAcceptanceForm

NOTE: By default, you have a Global Setting called default_flow_version which is set to HEAD. This allows changes to the flow configuration - like this form change - to be published to Hosted Login screens immediately.

If default_flow_version is set to a specific flow version (example: 20200324202112729271), you will need to update it to the new version in order to publish this change. You can find the latest flow version on the REGISTRATION BUILDER home page in Console.

2. Modify or remove the existing text

For all screens which you’ve added the field, you’ll notice the original text has now become irrelevant. Registration screen with checkbox and legal blurb You have two options for remedying this:

  • Modify the text to relay a different message, such as Click “Create Account” to complete your registration. For general instructions, see Customize text and links.
  • Remove the text. You can do this using custom CSS. For general instructions, see Colors and Other Styles in the Hosted Login guide.

Example CSS to remove this text:

p.registration-acceptance {
	display: none;