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What's New in the Identity Cloud

Hosted Login v2 has been released! And be sure to check out the Identity Cloud's new Getting Started Guides.

  • OpenID Connect and OAuth 2 (Hosted Login)
    Cutting-edge, state-of-the-art customer identity and access management tools.
  • Console
    Your primary tool for managing user accounts, applications, properties, fields, forms, flows, etc.
  • Webhooks v3
    Near-real time notifications of events that take place in your organization.
  • SIEM Event Delivery
    A recognized standard for collecting, aggregating, and analyzing events within an IT organization.
  • Customer Insights
    Detailed reports and analytics on how users are using (or not using) your website or app.
  • Data Migration
    Enables you to user accounts from a legacy data store to the Identity Cloud's user profile data store.
  • Social Login
    Allows users to sign in to your website or app by using an existing account on a social login provider.
  • Registration
    Process by which users create and manage accounts on your website or app.
    API endpoints for managing your Identity Cloud deployment.



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